Photography is a passion that I live and teach to others. Photography has been a part of my life since I was a little girl documenting my family's daily life, vacations, and holiday gatherings. I have always loved visual storytelling and capturing moments. My many albums and boxes of photos from childhood tell the beginning of my photographic life.

My professional photography background is in photojournalism. I majored in Visual Communications at Ohio University in Athens, OH. After graduating in 2002, I worked as a newspaper photojournalist for several years. My love of photographing people has led me to focus my photography on capturing peoples’ personalities and documenting special events in life through wedding photography and portraiture.

I have the privilege of passing my love for the art of photography onto future generations through my work as a high school photography teacher. I have been teaching photography to 9-12th grade students at Charlottesville High School since 2006. This is a wonderful way of bringing my photographic life full circle.

I never feel like I am working while I am photographing. I feel honored to do what I love and am grateful for the opportunity to document people's lives.

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